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Air Bags & ABS Repair & Service

If your airbag has been deployed then we can help to restore safety back into your vehicle with our airbag replacement service. Airbags are extremely effective in protecting car passengers from more serious harm should you experience a crash, so it’s highly recommended that you have these features in full working order.

If your car is reporting a fault with the airbag system and you haven’t had a crash, then this could be down to a variety of underlying causes which will need airbag repairs – and we can do this effectively and affordably.

We also specialise in airbag ECU repairs which is the computer component that controls airbag release. This vital feature of the airbag system needs to be functioning at optimal level, and we can ensure that it is with our extensive airbag repairs and airbag replacement service.

Call the airbag experts today if you want to repair one of the most important safety features of your vehicle.

Why do you need your faulty ABS repairing?

ABS, Anti-lock braking Systems, are usually electronically operated by an ABS ECU, and if a fault occurs, or the ECU detects a problem such as a wheel turning significantly faster or slower than the others, it will send a signal to rectify it. If a serious fault develops, the ABS ECU can cause the ABS to be disabled, which is dangerous and will cause an brake failure.

An ABS system includes the ECU, wheel speed sensors, and hydraulic valves within the brake hydraulics, and a problem can occur with any of these, causing faulty signals to be sent to the ECU.

This is noticeable when the warning light appears on the dashboard and it is essential that you have an expert carry out thorough testing in order to diagnose the problem and perform appropriate ABS modulator repairs.

An ABS module repair will ensure that the ECU and the modulator and pump continue to apply the necessary pressure to ensure safe and effective braking.

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